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08.01.2015 Cir.No.3223 MGNREGS-AP-Planning for works and preparation of labour Budget for the FY 2015-16
Revisiting of existing shelf- information-Reg
01.01.2015 Cir.No.4383 MGNREGS-Circular on 4th round SM trainings on 169/100 days
26.12.2014 Cir.No.555 MGNREGS-AP-Mandatory Uploading of D-Muster Attendance-Linking with pay order
generation -Airtel Data network down-Relaxation of D-Muster Attendance-Reg
24.12.2014 Cir.No.4295 MGNREGS-Enabling works of priority categories-Certain Guidelines issued-Reg
10.12.2014 Cir.No.4147 MGNREGS-Works-Krishna dt-Discrepancies noticed in assigned EGS works in
Kruthivennu (M) in september 2014-Instructions issued-Reg
10.11.2014 Cir.No.930 MGNREGS-Convergence with NBA(TSC) and MGNREGS-Construction of IHHLs
are not permitted under MGNREGS-Certain Guidelines issued-Regarding
07.11.2014 Cir.No.3615 MGNREGS-AP-Hudhud Cyclone-Certain works permitted-cutting and removal
of damaged horticulture trees-Incorporation of rates for other species-Permitted-reg
05.11.2014 Cir.No.4995 MGNREGS-AP-Planning in IPPE Mandals-Changes in resource fees for federation
in training details-reg
31.10.2014 Cir.No.3145 MGNREGS-AP-IEC compaign-wall- writings-printing of posters-instructions-reg
28.10.2014 Cir.No.4995 MGNREGS-AP-Planning in IPPE mandals/SSS-F mandals-certain guidelines-reg
28.10.2014 Cir Memo No.3615 MGNREGS-AP-Hudhud Cyclone-Certain works in cyclone affected areas-
Permission accorded-reg
25.10.2014 Cir memo No.2261 MGNREGS-Works-New rate adopted for the unskilled tasks under
MGNREGS-Payment of wage arrears-Instructions-Reg
24.10.2014 Cir.No.1375 MGNREGS-AP-Job cards Printing-Instructions
18.10.2014 Cir.No.555 MGNREGS-AP-Mandatory Uploading of D-Muster Attendance-Linking With Pay order
Generation-Hudhud Cyclone-Relaxation of D-Muster Attendance-Reg
04.10.2014 Cir.No.3033 MGNREGS-AP-MPDOs-Proposal for designating MPDOs as Programme Officers,
MGNREGS and providing active role for Mandal Parishads and Gram Panchayats
as PIAs-Orders-Issued
01.10.2014 Cir.No.3159 MGNREGS-AP-Works-Roof water harvesting structures-Permitted-Certain Instructions issued-Reg
27.09.2014 Cir.No.3377 MGNREGS-AP-"Janmabhoomi-Maa Vooru Programme" from 2nd October,2014 to
20th October,2014-Certain Instructions issued-Reg
25.09.2014 Cir.No.3343 MGNREGS-AP-Swatchh Bharath Mission-activities from 25th September to 22nd October
2014 for MGNREGS functionaries and workers-Reg
13.09.2014 Cir.No.2917 MGNREGS-AP-Repairs/Renovation of existing water harvesting structures Execution of
works-Guide lines-Issued-Regading
12.09.2014 Cir.No.3223 MGNREGS_Planning for works and preparation of Labour Budget fo the
FY 2015-16 in Identified backward Mandals & other mandals-Guide lines-Issues-Regarding
04.09.2014 Cir.No.2317 MGNREGS-Implementation of Sericulture works-Development of mulberry bush plantations-
Certain Guidelines issued-Regarding
02.09.2014 Cir.No.3141 MGNREGS-AP-Field Assistants-Selection/Appointment of Field
Assistants-Certain instructions-Issued-Reg
14.08.2014 Cir.No.400 Esst-CRD-State Functions-Birth day Celebrations of Andhra Kesari
late Tanguturi Prakasam Panthulu Jayanthi on 23.08.2014-Instruction-Issued-Reg.