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SGSY Special Projects


Special Projects


 Under SGSY, funds are released to the DRDAs and are utilized as per the decisions taken at the local level.  Sometimes, the poverty reduction efforts requires coordinated action by different departments and it may call for planning and coordination which may extend beyond the individual districts.  There may also be occasions when different departments or DRDAs or State governments might want to try out new initiatives which are in the nature of pioneer projects, capable of triggering much needed growth impulses.    Such projects would be indicators of possible alternative strategies.  In order to take up such projects, 15% of the funds under SGSY will be set apart by the Ministry of Rural Development, Government of India for such initiatives in conjunction with other departments, semi-government organizations such as, the Khadi & Village Industries Commission, Development Commissioner, Handicrafts, Commodity Boards, etc., or international organizations.  This would include initiatives to be taken in the individual districts or across the districts.  If during the course of the year, such funds cannot be fully utilized, the balance funds will be distributed among the States alongwith the programme funds whose redistribution during the year will keep in view the absorption capacity of different States. 


 The objective of each special project would be to ensure a time-bound programme for bringing a specific number of BPL families above the poverty line through self-employment programmes.  As per the programme guidelines, every assisted family must be brought above the poverty line in three years.  The projects may involve different strategies to provide long term sustainable self-employment opportunities either in terms of organization of the rural poor, provision of support infrastructure, technology, marketing, training, etc., or a combination of these. 

 Since, 1999, as many as 24 projects are implemented/under implementation in the areas of value addition to coir, fashion technology and designing, improved agricultural technology, design intervention in Kalamkari painting, irrigation projects, project for the fishery community improvement, fishery community development, assistance to Mutually Aided Cooperative Societies, improved dairy practices, innovations in tribal jewellery, new designs in silver filigree, ready made garments with hand oven material, enhancement of livelihood options to the turmeric growers  and so on.