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Brief note on  overall Financial Management System of, SERP

Andhra Pradesh Rural Poverty Reduction Project (APRPRP) (2002-Sept’2009)

Andhra Pradesh Rural Poverty Reduction Project (APRPRP) is established with the Objective of creating Self-managed grass-roots institution of Poor and Poorest of Poor rural Women in the State and to improve their opportunities to meet Social and Economic needs. As such, the Project is committed to improve livelihoods and quality of all the rural poor families in the Sate of Andhra Pradesh forming part of its Target Groups i.e, Self Help Groups formed at grass-roots level and their federations (i.e, VO’s, MS’s and ZS’s) under its fold.

The Project is the first in a series which would support GoAP’s long-term rural Poverty reduction program whose aim is to eradicate Poverty and build an equitable Society.

The Project objectives are consistent with the World Bank’s Country Assistance Strategy (CAS) Objectives and its program Priorities and Principles. CAS is built around the GoI’s Ninth Five Year Plan where the objective is to “Strengthen the enabling environment for development and sustainable growth and support critical interventions of special benefits to the poor and disadvantaged”

                        GoAP has approached the World Bank to provide Financial Assistance for eradication of Poverty, through its Objective. The proposal of GoAP is accepted by the World Bank to Finance 114 Million XDRs under Cr. No.3732-IN and subsequently to meet the cost over-run expenditure/needs of the APRPRP, Additional Loan of 42.7 Million XDR’s is sanctioned under Cr. No.3732-1-IN.

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