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Executive Summary Society for Elimination of Rural Poverty (SERP) is implementing Indira Kranthi Patham (IKP) in all the 22 rural districts of A.P.

Building Strong/Sustainable Institutions of the Poor There are 1,09,78,982 members in 9,75,362 SHGs exclusively for women.  A total of 38,334 Village Organizations (VOs), 1099 Mandal Samakhyas (MSs) and 22 Zilla Samakhyas have come into existence in 22 districts.  As on today, the total Savings and Corpus of SHG Members are Rs.2914.45 Crores and Rs.4711.53 crores respectively.

Financial Access During this financial year up to October 2010, Rs.2999.23 crores of bank loans are given to 164151 SHGs under Bank linkages programme. Under Pavala Vaddi Incentive Rs.193.74 Crores  is given to SHG members  during 2010-11, thus totaling to Rs.777.60 Crores  since inception of the scheme.  To access the credit facility from project side an amount of Rs.923.91 crores is given to 25,77,981 beneficiaries as Community Investment Fund. 

Sustainable Livelihoods Under the Land Access Programme the rights of the poor over 4.72 lakh Acres of land restored.  To  reduce cost of Cultivation and increase net income through Community Managed Sustainable Agriculture  is encouraged, which is free from pests, by the farmers. It is proposed to cover 28 lakh Acres during Kharif 2010-11 by benefitting 10 lakh farmers, out of which 25 lakh Acres were  covered up to end of October 2010. Under Dairy initiative , up to October 2010, SHGs and their federations are operating 199 Bulk Milk Chilling Centers covering 4200 village procurement centers with 1.50lakh milk producers.  In order to bring Value Addition to the Agril. Products Under Collective Marketing initiative, our Community Based Organizations have procured a total of 22.30 lakh quintals of agricultural and Non Timber Forest Products worth Rs.230.26 crores during this year up to October 2010. To train and place the rural youth Employment Generation and Marketing Mission is established.  under this initiative, the incomes of rural poor are secured and enhanced  by providing 2,41,221 Jobs for rural youth upto end of October 2010                    .  More...[+]