Horticulture -
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Horticultural crops play a unique role in India’s economy by improving the income of the rural people. Cultivation of these crops is labour intensive and as such they generate lot of employment opportunities for the rural population. Fruits and vegetables are also rich source of vitamins, minerals, proteins, and carbohydrates etc. which are essential in human nutrition. Hence, these are referred to as protective foods and assumed great importance as nutritional security of the people. Thus, cultivation of horticultural crops plays a vital role in the prosperity of a nation and is directly linked with the health and happiness of the people.

India today is earmarked by the world as one of the fastest developing countries with the potential to become a super power. The country has always been an agri-oriented country, with a surplus in food grain production due to the wide adaptation of new emerging technologies and methods in production. The economic growth and high-income elasticity for fruits, flowers, and vegetables will result in their greater demand. Analyzing this future need, Government has initiated Horticulture Plantations in 2007-08 under NREGS in convergence with State Horticulture Mission (SHM) and APMIP. For details of the scheme CLICK Here.