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A brief note on strategy proposed for health and nutrition interventions

“Bringing Health to the Community”

The Health and Nutrition Unit of Society for Elimination of Rural Poverty (SERP) is managing implementation of a comprehensive community-based Health and Nutrition Program in rural Andhra Pradesh under the Indira Kranthi Patham (IKP) program for rural development.  The major revolving theme around IKP’s interventions is fostering community management of these activities to ensure that sustainability is maintained even after the project ends.   The driving impetus behind IKP is Hossain “the empowerment of a community to obtain self reliance and control over the factors that affect their health”.1  Recently, there has been a push towards community driven public health interventions due to overwhelming evidence that shows community based projects have dramatically improved maternal and child health outcomes. Some of the successful community based projects include CRHP-Jamkhed, SEARCH- Gadchiroli, Projahnmo-Bangladesh, Warmi-Bolivia, Hala- Pakistan, Ifakara – Tanzania and Mira-Nepal1, 2.

The H&N Program has four main objectives:

  1. Increase demand by the community for access to public health services
  2. Improve household health-seeking behavior to control the spread of disease and ensure healthy development of  women and children
  3. Provide financial support during health emergencies and illness
  4. Reduce expenditure on curative care

The H&N Program implements four key strategies to achieve the objectives.  Each strategy encompasses several community-managed interventions aimed at improving health and nutrition: