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Note on Gender Strategy

The Gender Strategy envisages that poor and the poorest of the poor women are able to achieve poverty alleviation through their self managed institutions by accessing and controlling assets, incomes, natural resources, all services available at village and individual level. 

Gender Strategy helps SHG women to increase their capacities in decision making at different levels, free mobility, having a say in local governance and building a safe environment. Women in groups ensure that basic rights of all SHG women are not violated and that they create support systems like social Actions committees in every village and family counseling centers at every mandal, to help themselves.

Gender Resource Groups formation :

         Gender Resource groups are formed with the women who have personally faced a case of domestic violence or external violence so that she can understand the other woman’s pain.

         If not faced a case herself, she should have had experience in supporting, helping working for some one in a case of domestic or external violence, or any other social issues.

         These Gender resource groups are called as social action committees at village, mandal and district levels, and were provided training on gender discrimination, women laws, dispute resolution and counseling.

V.O. and Mandal level Social Action Committees Formation:

Social action committees at village level and mandal level with 5 to 10 members of V.O. depending on the size of the village and mandal are formed to look into gender and social issues

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