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Brief Note


Project objectives

  • Enhancing livelihood opportunities and Quality of Life for Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) and their families
  • Ensure optimum utilization of residual abilities by PWDs
  • Improve capacities of PWDs to access and avail various entitlements and services offered by the government
  • Mainstreaming disability concerns in policy making and line activities


  Project area

  • 78 mandals – Intensive Interventions in selected mandals of 22 districts in the state. Objectives of these interventions are to evolve a model of institutional relationship between CBOs of PWDs and various government and non-government stakeholders and make them as resource mandals to replicate the same throughout the state.  
  • 50 mandals – with intensive interventions for Institution Building and livelihood and non intensive support for ATR services.


            Key Interventions

  • Social mobilisation and Institution Building of PWDs and their caregivers.
  • Provision of Livelihood support
  • Community based Assessment, Treatment and Rehabilitation services
  • Promoting convergence with line departments particularly Health and Education for inclusive frameworks


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