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Abhaya Hastham


Abhaya Hastham (Indira Kranthi Patham Pension and Insurance Scheme for SHG Women)

Govt. of AP have undertaken comprehensive eradication of poverty, in rural and urban areas through the Indira Kranthi Patham, a Programme for empowerment of women, through formation, development and strengthening of women SHGs and their federations, covering 1 Crore 25 Lakh women in rural and urban areas. During the last 3 years, Government is also implementing National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme to secure guaranteed wage employment to the rural poor.  As a result of these measures, a large number of women and their families in rural and urban areas are enjoying stable livelihoods, increased incomes and better quality of life.  While economic growth at household level is an important pre-condition for expanding the scope of Social Security, no less important is the need for adopting special social security policies.  The Government regards social security as one of the important factors in improving quality of life and elimination of poverty.

 The need for income security in their old age, when their ability to earn from their physical labour would have reduced considerably has been voiced by SHG members in various meetings they  had with the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh in the month of December 2008.  Responding to the demand from the SHG women, the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh has conceptualized Abhaya Hastham.

Abhaya Hastham is a Co-contributory Pension Scheme for the women, above the age group of 18, belonging to the Self Help Groups in Andhra Pradesh. The scheme envisages contribution of Rs.30/- per month by SHG women and Government’s co contribution of Rs.30/- per month into her Pension account.  The contribution of the member and the co-contribution of the Government is periodically transferred to Life Insurance Corporation of India, for investing diligently for securing better returns on the investment. The corpus thus generated till the age of 60 years, will be used for giving monthly pension amount to each women, on crossing 60 years of age.

 Abhaya Hastham offers 3 kinds of benefits to it’s members, namely                More...